16th June 2020

When the winter season comes, I just stopped counting the days. It is my least favorite season of the year. I always felt like dragging myself out of bed is a burden. Yes, we have winter in June and summer in December! But if you live in Melbourne,the majority of the year will be chilly or should I say so, crazy? We experience four seasons in a day, it’s not unusual. A tiny umbrella and extra jumper always come in handy. Or you’ll find yourself drenched in a month’s worth of rain in five minutes. No worries, the sun shines through and it’s summer again.

These days, the weather is quite depressing. The grey that covers the skies, the misty shower, the crystal frost on foliage, the skeleton branches of trees, the chilly wind that touches your cheeks, your numb hands, feet, heavy heart, weary soul. I can go on and on. I lost count of the days.


This Monday morning is quite different from other mornings we had for the past 100 days. Finally, we are out of this dark world of quarantine and can enjoy the beautiful sunshine without having to wear masks. We live in an unprecedented world. But we cope. Human beings are gifted to adapt to a new situation, a new role, a new normal. Thus, life goes on. And no matter how seemingly strange or dark the days are, it always carries with it some light and some color. Just like a good cup of latte!

Colorful lattes seems to be a staple at cafes as it is a crusty sourdough. Those pastel-colored, creamy, foamy goodness in a cup with a leaf or heart-shaped art are Instagram worthy and tastes even better than it looks. Watch out for fake lattes tho. The ones filled with food coloring to achieve that unicorn rainbow palette. Make sure your local cafe uses fresh ingredients to get the full benefit.

We’re glad our neighborhood cafe is finally open for dine-in, with social distancing and restrictions on the number of people of course. We were mindful. I greatly missed the Chai Latte. It’s the best tasting I’ve ever had in Melbourne. Not powder or teabag, it’s all the leafy goodness and spices. The cafe culture here is a cult and the competition is stiff. You need to have the exemplary food presentation worthy of a thousand Instagram likes or you’re out of the game. We like all things natural and simple here. We don’t want it complicated with all the cream, sugar, and preservatives.

Nestled in a leafy suburb of Camberwell, one of Melbournes’ prestigious suburbs is a 100-year-old church converted into a rustic cafe. With high ceilings and stained glass windows, this is not your ordinary cafe. Their pastry glass case filled with handcrafted beautiful masterpieces, their yummy scones, and a black kimchi burger will surely put color in your otherwise melancholic days. And of course their colorful lattes. We had matcha, turmeric, and chai. They’re not only pretty, they’re healthy too.


We love this little quick escapes of reality. Where our cups are filled with pastel hues, our stomachs with gastronomic comfort food, and our souls with love as we share this moment with family. Forgetting it’s 2020. The world suddenly feels small as we are present in the PRESENT. The hearty laughs, the nostalgic stories, the warm touch after months of social distancing. We are reminded yet again of what matters most. In the simplest of things, the littlest of things. A conversation over colorful lattes and cold mornings.

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