Hi, thanks so much for stopping by. We’re sisters Ckate and Khrisna. Born and raised in Iloilo City, Philippines and living in Melbourne, Australia. We’re nurses by profession but we love to bake and experiment in the kitchen. We don’t like to wash the dishes though! 🙂

This blog officially started on the 12th of June 2020, Philippine Independence Day including our Youtube channel Sundees Kitchen. We’re babies in the digital world and we’re trying to improve ourselves everyday. We’re not professional photographers, videographers or writers so everything here is made from scratch and a lot of research while wrestling with our toddlers.


It probably started when we were really young. Our mom studied a short course in baking when we were 3 or 4 years old and we would observe every time she bakes a cake and decorate it with sweet icing. Our favorite was her moist chocolate cake with decadent chocolate icing decorated with a rainbow colored NIPS (Filipino version of MnMs). Every occasion or simply just an afternoon after school, we we’re greeted with freshly baked pineapple pies and chiffon cake slathered in traditional butter icing. She would always bake our birthday cakes and Christmas party potluck at school.

Fast forward to the summer of year 2010, our Dad encouraged us to take up a short course in baking. We weren’t really keen at first but we did it anyway. And we’re glad we did. That was a worthwhile 12 sessions of basic baking. Most of the time, our parents knows best.

Since we only learned basic baking in that summer class, we can’t say everything we bake is perfect. At times, we struggle with the recipe. But what’s great about it is that we are able to express ourselves creatively. Whenever we fail, we don’t stop until we master it. So I can’t count how many eggs we’ve wasted or how we would run to the supermarket at almost midnight because we ran out of butter or cream. Or how a cake was torn in two pieces while transporting and we would try to salvage it the last minute. We have heaps of baking mishaps and cake decorating failures. However, we don’t stop. We keep on moving forward. Because if you love what you do, no obstacles will ever prevent you from succeeding.

The Cake Boss show and Buddy Valastro-a celebrity chef was our biggest inspiration in cake decorating. We we’re with him when his journey started in Reality TV show with his little Italian-American family owned bakery Carlo’s Bake Shop in New Jersey, USA until he eventually had several locations statewide and became a celebrated household name. It’s our greatest dream to meet him in person and wait in line in his original shop.

To date, we have baked and decorated hundreds of cakes and pastries. We are continuously learning everyday. Our blog and You tube channel took us 4 years in the making. We have always wanted to start this project but never got the time and resources to do so. When this global pandemic started and we have more time indoors, there’s no more excuses! This blog is a diary of our baking and kitchen adventures down under. We will be featuring not only baking recipes but cooking recipes as well. Please subscribe and get in touch with us. XOXO


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